Welcome to MySunConure.com. I have designed this clever little site as a tribute to the most beautiful pet bird I have ever seen, the Sun Conure. If you own a sun conure already, then you would know that they make excellent pets. They're extremely playful, cuddly, and really easy to maintain. However, if you've never owned a sun conure, or any similar type of pet parrot, I will walk you thru the steps it takes to raise and maintain a happy and healthy pet sun conure in no time. It is my pleasure to verse you in the wonderful world of sun conure care, because it truly is a priveledge to own one of these gorgeous little birds. Everything you need to know about feeding sun conures and what types of foods are best to feed a sun conure bird will be covered in this site for your convenience. I will also disclose the delicate procedures on how to clip the wings of a sun conure bird without hurting the innocent little fellow. If this is not enough folks, I will even show you how fun and easy teaching and training sun conures to talk and do tricks can be.

Keeping sun conures as pets takes precise care but the rewards and joy are priceless. However, before you ask yourself where can I find some baby golden conures for sale, please take a few minutes of your time today to read over some of my simple sun conure facts and get yourself familiar with some sun conure basic care rules.

As you take your time browsing this site, you will discover all of the many different ways that you can raise a pet sun conure bird from the time it is a baby, until it is a full grown breed. Speaking of breeds, I'm sure some of you are already asking about breeding sun conures. Well, I have breeded quite a few sun conure birds myself throughout the years so I will also touch on this area. Don't forget to bookmark this site as your favorite resource for sun conure facts and information. As this website grows over time, I will include lots of fun filled features such as sun conure quizzes, games, and a forum for in depth discussions on sun conure care and other sun conure bird information that you may need.

Well friends, I truly hope you enjoy the information I have compiled here for you. I have done my best to provide you with useful tips that will help you on your way to raising a healthy and sound sun conure bird. However, feel free to drop me a line with any questions that you may have or with any suggestions about how I can improve this website.

I hope you find all the answers you are looking for in regards to sun conures and conure parrots here at MySunConure.com

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